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Sunset Lullaby

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Sunset Lullaby is the 3rd book in Christy & Todd:

The Baby Years Series.

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Sunset Lullaby

Christy’s life with Todd and their two little ones in their cozy Newport Beach cottage is everything she ever hoped for.

 So why is it she can’t find balance and a sense of worth in this new season? Is it the crazy mood swings and self-image dips that keep taking her down? Or is it that Todd is about to leave and take a group of students to Kenya for three weeks? Christy would love to go with him and see her best friend, Katie.

 As she tries to figure out what’s next, Christy’s brother asks for confidential advice on his love life. Christy is happy to help out. But as things go awry and Aunt Marti becomes involved, it leads Christy to evaluate her own marriage—for better or worse.

The friendship that sprouts with her neighbor Jennalyn becomes a lifeline. Their heart-to-heart conversations and playdates bring about some significant changes as Christy is approaching her thirtieth birthday.

 On a very special night as the sun dips into the ocean, heaven seems to touch the earth. An unexpected Peculiar Treasure reaches for Christy’s hand, and in that moment, all her summer promises come full circle.

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