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How My Book Became A Movie: A True Story

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 I vividly remember the day my agent called and said, “A film producer would like to turn your book into a Hallmark Movie.”

To be honest, I thought it would never happen. But it did!

It was a roller coaster experience that took many years of grueling rewrites, waiting for approvals, praying, trusting, meeting with producers and releasing creative control of the original story.

Finally the day came when I got on a plane and flew three thousand miles to be on set. I was ushered to a director’s chair and given a headset with my name on it. I saw the familiar actors take their marks. I heard the director call, “Action!” and that was the moment I knew that dreams can come true.

Throughout the process I kept notes in my journal. I drew upon those notes as I compiled this personal account. Never did I expect to be so challenged and humbled as my book went from story idea to publication to film production and became a Christmas movie for the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel titled Finding Father Christmas.

For anyone who has ever thought their dream was impossible, this book will renew your hope and inspire you to trust God in new ways.

Proceeds from sales of this book will go toward scholarships for international writers to attend the LittWorld Conference. An inspiring book for you, a fantastic opportunity for a writer from a difficult place in the world. Win-Win!


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